Weekly and bi-weekly baths are always beneficial for most pets and their parents. This keeps them smelling snuggly fresh, as well as keeps their coats free of matts and debris.


Monthly tidy-up grooming schedules keep pets’ hairstyles looking beautiful and reduce the need for “full groom haircuts.”


Bi-monthly (6-8 weeks) “full groom haircuts” is a popular grooming schedule; however, be aware that when a pet goes 6-8 weeks between bath/brush, their coats are often matted and might need to be shaved short.


Pets who only get groomed a few times per year or less, will almost always require a complete shavedown.


*Please do not expect Top Dog to save your dog’s coat if it is severely matted; you will be disappointed. We prioritize your pet’s comfort over the beauty of a long coat.

How often should we get our furry friend Groomed? 

EARLY!!! Grooming is a learned behavior for pets. They are not naturally inclined to sit quietly on a table and let scissors, clippers, files, nail trimmers, and high velocity hair dryers cover their little bodies. Therefore, it is best if pets start coming to the grooming salon as early as possible.

THEY ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE THEIR 2ND PARVO SHOT FIRST!!! In addition, please do not take your pet places where other dogs visit until they have had their shots, their immune systems are too fragile, and the Parvo Virus is SERIOUS.

At what age is a good time to start Grooming our Furry friend? 

Most pet’s do well with their nails being trimmed monthly, or bi-monthly. However, if your pet’s nails grow faster, then some pets can even benefit from weekly nail trims.

We do a Standard Nail Trim with ALL bath and haircut services, but for a few dollars more you can upgrade to the Deluxe Nail Trim where we can file the nail shorter than we can clip it and we can round off most of the sharp edges.

If your pet frequently jumps on you or sits in your lap, you might be pleasantly surprised at how nice the Deluxe Nail Trim softens those little daggers.

How often should we get our furry friends Nails done?

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