About Us

Top Dog Grooming & Boutique, LLC is a God loving, family and veteran owned business. We have trained and certified Groomers on Staff to ensure that our staff is highly trained to take care of our furry friends. To ensure our furry friends are well taking care of by our staff, a series of evaluations through our apprenticeship program, training and schooling gives us the edge over our fellow groomers.

We are conveniently located at two locations in McCurtain, County to better serve our communities.  

At Top Dog Grooming, we believe in the “Quality of Grooms” and not in “Quantity of Grooms”.

It’s never about how MANY PETS a day we could groom, it’s the QUALITY OF GROOM that we care about.  we value “Quality” over “Quantity”. We know our fury friends are an extension of your family, which is why our professional and friendly staff will always treat your pet with the upmost respect, compassion and patience. We will always choose to do what is best for your pet; from utilizing quality products and equipment that are trusted in the pet care industry, choosing humanity over vanity when needed, utilizing skilled grooming techniques and pursuing continued education and resources to contribute to the growth and improvement of the local pet care industry by offering training and encouragement to others.

You and our furry friends' experience matters to us.

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